Fundraising donation letter is definitely an important piece of letter that can greatly help an individual or an organization that is seeking financial assistance. A sample of the donation request letter to a company must have a professional as well as personal touch. While you must display politeness and a sense of respect to the company, you must appear firm in your resolve and determination to raise funds and champion your cause. Most likely, it's not your cause that may fetch you the money but it would be the way of letter writing and presenting your facts properly, that will eventually help you succeed in achieving your objective. Some of the obvious questions that you must address in a donation request letter are, who needs the donation, why you're asking for donation and how will the donor benefit through this help. In the donation request letter, your introduction must be proper. You've got to start by properly greeting the person and giving a brief introduction of your program. Then, you've got to mention your fundraising proposal and the reason you're applying for the proposal. Ensure that the tone of writing in your donation request letter is formal.

Tips to Write the Letter
Following are some of the basic steps that you must keep in mind while writing donation request letters. Have a look.

    You must start with the date as it is essential for the company/reader to know the relevance of the letter and nothing makes it more relevant than the time period in which it has been written.
    Listing the address of the recipient or the company is the next step. Write the proper corporate address of the office where the letter is supposed to be send. If you have any hesitation regarding the address, recheck it carefully.

    To make your letter more personal touch to the letter and give a hint to the prospective donator that you're well aware of the company, you can start by introducing the manager or authority. It is essential that you're able to figure out the name of the specific person who will be reading your letter.
    Now, comes the most crucial part of the letter. In this segment, you have to briefly and succinctly describe yourself and your venture. Here, you have to be careful that you don't turn out to be verbose or exaggerate your credentials. Keep it simple and give main information.
    It is good to exactly tell the company what you expect from them. Don't keep them guessing as to what donations you want. Mention specifically what you want. If it is some money contribution, give them the amount range. If it is old clothes or other type of support, specify your needs. This shows a sense of purpose and planning to the company, from your side.

    Corporate companies are although engaged in lots of social activities, they are a business entity and hence they want some benefits from their engagement. As a return for their kidness, you can request them to put their logos and company stalls in tandem with your business networks and places. So, if you organize a camp, you can decorate the logo of the company as per your agreements with them.
    Don't forget to thank them for their time and concern and do make the plans to contact in the future.
    End the letter politely, and give your address, cell number and other contact details.


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