Managing Your Joint Finances Managing Your Joint Finances

People are getting married later in life now. More and more couples are waiting until after certain milestones are achieved, such as gradua...

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11:24 PM

Basic Accounting Concepts and Principles Basic Accounting Concepts and Principles

The main purpose of financial accounting is to provide necessary economic information required for decision-making in a business. Financial...

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High Risk Personal Loans High Risk Personal Loans

Nowadays, different types of loans are being offered by banks and financial institutions. Personal loans are fast getting popular with its ...

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Authority Letter for Bank Authority Letter for Bank

Why is it important to write an authority letter for a bank? With the number of cases of identity thefts and information leaks that are tak...

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Glossary of Financial Terms and Definitions Glossary of Financial Terms and Definitions

Before beginning my glossary of financial terms and definitions, let me first define the scope of this glossary. Finance is a broad superse...

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Finance Charge Finance Charge

Finance charge is actually the fee which is added to the total loan amount. Periodic finance charge can help bank and financial institution...

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