It's that time of year again: The first hint of frost is in the air, the conversations are turning to turkey and gift-giving, and holiday puns are dancing like sugarplums in the minds of social media managers everywhere.

Small business owners already have a lot on their plates during this time of year, so when it comes to holiday marketing, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. Staples is here to help. Beyond being the one-stop shop for everything small businesses need to make more happen, below are some tips to help small businesses capitalize on this season's top trends.

1. Don't ignore retail's most infamous Monday...
There is a reason that Cyber Monday is so popular: Everyone loves a good deal. And online shopping can be done from home, the office or on the go.

How SMBs can take advantage: Ensure that your business's website (both desktop and mobile) is optimized for user experience in the weeks leading up to the big day, and be sure your site can handle the extra traffic if you're offering significant discounts. Having a mobile website or app is key for snagging shoppers who will be browsing exclusively from smartphones or tablets. Consider updating your technology for the season to ensure your small business is running smoothly. Staples can help with EasyTech™ services, the latest technology and upgrades to improve productivity.


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