Why is it important to write an authority letter for a bank? With the number of cases of identity thefts and information leaks that are taking place, it is important that there be some kind of proof in place when you need to give out privileged and sensitive information to a third party. Occasionally, there may be situations where you will need to get a job done or give information about your financial status to someone without being present there yourself. But in order to do so it is important that you authorize this third person to receive this information from the bank. For this, you will need to draft a letter of authority for the bank. A letter which is properly drafted will allow the third person access to the information he needs. For most banks, you will need to specify in the letter the information that you want to provide this person with. In this article, we give you the format and sample of such a letter.


As with most other forms of letter writing, there is a certain specific format that you need to follow while writing an authority letter that needs to be given to bank officials. Given below is the proper authorization letter template for a letter to a bank.


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